A New Advertising Campaign

If you follow us on Facebook (and you should), you may have noticed that we recently launched a new advertising campaign. The response to our first ad was overwhelmingly positive, and we appreciate all the “shares” and feedback. By request, we have posted a couple of the advertisements here on our website.

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We are now right in the middle of the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. Not surprisingly, we have noticed a major uptick in interest in this period - especially among reenactors. Veteran Arms LLC is pleased to be able to supply our War of 1812 friends with a variety of authentic weapons including our ever popular 1795 Springfield Musket.

The 200th Is Upon Us

Brown Bess muskets for sale
Charleville muskets for sale


  Veteran Arms is pleased to announce the availability of our new line of War of 1812 clothing. Presently available are:

US Pattern 1810 Infantry Coatees

US Pattern 1812 Infantry Coatees

US Pattern 1813 Infantry Coatees

These unique and beautiful uniform coatees were worn before and during the War of 1812. Our reproductions are based on all the latest research and are made of top quality materials. They are available ‘off-the-rack’ in common sizes. 

Also coming soon are:

Blue Wool Trousers

White Wool Trousers

White Linen Trousers

Gray Trousers

Roundabout Jackets



And More...

Check back often to see the latest, or send us an e-mail and we will send you e-mail updates as new uniforms items arrive.

1795 Springfield for sale

EBay and ‘One-of-a-kinds’

Here at Veteran Arms we often have unique and one-of-a-kind items available which are not listed on our regular website but get listed on ebay. Links to these items are featured on our Facebook page, so be sure to ‘Like’ us on FB.

War of 1812 Uniforms for sale
War of 1812 sutler

1810 Coatee

War of 1812 reenactment


War of 1812 clothing

1813 Uniform

US War of 1812 coatee

1812 Uniform

We Want Your Photos and Video

We want your photos and videos! Send us images and links to videos of you and your pards using and enjoying Veteran Arms weapons. Whether reenacting, hunting, or simply punching paper at the range, we want to share the fun with our community of customers and friends.

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