Musket Flints for sale
Hammerstall for sale

Musket Flints

    Our hand-knapped musket or pistol flints throw a beautiful shower of sparks. Flints come in several sizes from 1/2” to 1.125”. Sold in packs of 5 flints each, they can often be shipped for free when ordered with some other item. Don’t get caught with a new musket or pistol and no flints. Note: Flint type / color may vary from images and are selected based on size from current stock.

Price (5 Flints) - $11.00

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The hammerstall is an essential piece of equipment for the military reenactor and a useful item for all flintlock shooters. Simply slip the hammerstall over the hammer (frizzen) to prevent the flint from accidentally striking the frizzen. The hammerstall can be secured to the weapon using the included leather cord.

Hammerstall - $6.00

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Flintlock Powder Horn

Powder Horn

    A medium sized powder horn with hardwood base and stopper. Keep your powder dry and close at hand with this simply but functional powder horn. It even comes with a removable leather strap for easy carrying.

Powder Horn - 14.00

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Powder Horn For Sale

Powder Horn w/Spout

    A medium sized powder horn with hardwood base and spring loaded brass spout. The spout may be cut off to the desired length so as to dispense the desired amount. The brass spout is threaded so that  other spouts may be attached.

Horn w/Spout - 21.52

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1/2 Inch

5/8 Inch

3/4 Inch

1 Inch

1.125 Inch

Flashguards for sale

Flash Guard

Although not used historically until late in the flintlock era, today flashguards are required equipment for many reenactment organizations. Flashguards may be installed on most muskets or pistols with a bridled pan.

Flashguard - $7.00

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Flash Guards for Locks without Bridled Frizzens

Adding a flashguard to a lock without a bridle between the pan and frizzen often deranges the action preventing the piece from functioning correctly. Now Veteran Arms can install a custom flashguard that attaches to the pan, thus preventing any interference with the lock’s function. We can perform this service for any of our pieces, or for locks from other vendors. Simply add this service along with your musket or pistol order and we will perform the work before shipping the piece.

Custom Flashguard for Bridleless Frizzens -

Guard & Installation Only $40.00

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Or E-Mail Us about performing this installation on other locks

Musket slings for sale

Black Leather Musket Sling

This black leather musket sling is suitable for many early style muskets and rifles from the French & Indian War through Civil War periods. The sling has sewn loops and a brass hook that are used to adjust the length.

Black Musket Sling - $25.00

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Brown Bess Sling

Natural Leather Musket Sling

This natural leather musket sling is suitable for many early style muskets and rifles from the French & Indian War through Civil War periods. The sling has sewn loops that are used to adjust the length.

Natural Musket Sling - $30.00

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Civil War Cartridge Box for sale

Civil War Cartridge Box

Black leather Civil War style cartridge box complete with set of tins and tool pouch. This quality box can be worn on the belt or attached to a sling for shoulder carry. It is perfect for many US or CS impressions. It also is an acceptable substitute for several earlier pattern boxes

Cartridge Box - $32.50

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Civil War Haversack for sale

Civil War Haversack

Made of black tarred canvas with roller buckle closure and inner liner, our Civil War haversack is suitable for both US and CS impressions. It also makes a durable and versatile bag for carrying hunting and shooting supplies.

Haversack - $15.50

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Cartridge Box Kit

We have on hand a few of what we are calling a Cartridge Box Kit. They are a generic type cartridge box, designed to be attached to a sling for wear over the shoulder. They are large and include a wooden block with holes for ammunition and a tin tray for cleaning supplies. They are not a reproduction of any particular pattern box, but with some simple modification could be made to fit numerous impressions or converted into a very functional cartridge pouch for hunting.

Cartridge Box Kit - Reg $40.00

                    Sale Price $25.00

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Wooden Canteen

Our wooden canteen looks like the real thing but is better than the original in that inside its wooden exterior is a food grade pvc liner which is water tight (no soaking required) and which is easy to keep clean and mold free. This canteen is perfect for many military and civilian impressions. It features hardwood sides, a copper spout, and iron bands. I can be left in its natural color or painted to match any one of a number of colonial or early American military uniforms. It comes with a cork and an extra long webbing strap which may be cut and sewn to length or made adjustable with the addition of a traditional style buckle.

Wooden Canteen

Price $65.00

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Tomahawks for sale


    A Tomahawk is an useful tool for any outdoorsman. Whether you are chopping wood, making kindling, driving tent stakes, or trading with the natives, we have the tomahawk you need.

    We offer two sizes - large for general purpose use and small for frontiersmen concerned about weight savings.

Large Tomahawk - 29.00

Small Tomahawk - 24.00

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Whisk & Pick Set

   A whisk and pick set is a handy accessory for any serious flintlock shooter. Our set is made from sturdy brass wire. There is a V for securing the set around a button or through a buttonhole, and the brush portion has wire bristles easily capable of clearing away unwanted fowling. The pick, of course, is the correct length and diameter for most military muskets.

Whisk & Pick Set - $15.00

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Matchlock Musket Rest

   No matchlock musket is complete without its complimentary musket rest. Our rest is approximately 4’ 10” in length and features a brass yoke & tip and a hardwood shaft. It is as beautiful as it is functional. Of course, while the rest is designed for matchlock muskets, it is a functional accessory that is capable of being used to assist shooters of any type of musket.

Matchlock Musket Rest - $119.00

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