1763 French Pistol



    Designed as a cavalry weapon, the 1763 Charleville Pistol’s hardware closely mirrors that used in the French muskets of the same name. It has a lock very similar in shape to that used on the Charleville musket and a prominent nosecap and metal ramrod. Its .68 caliber barrel was designed to use the same cartridge as that issued for muskets, making it a fierce handgun indeed.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction is an accurate recreation of this impressive arm. This is a rugged, yet beautiful pistol that would compliment any Revolutionary War or War of 1812 impression. 


OAL: 16 in
Barrel: 9 In
Caliber: .69
Lock: Flint
Bore: Smooth
Ball: .644-.662

1763 Charleville Pistol

1763 Charleville Pistol
French Flintlock Pistol



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